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Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Marcus Hopley - 07-08-2014 07:16 PM

I am in a huge confusion to choose a dissertation writing service from the thousands of service in the web. This is the first time I am looking for such service. The academic syllabus is getting tougher and tougher as days progress. The things are getting serious more than I can handle that is why I am searching for best dissertation writing service. I would appreciate if you people can share your thoughts and reviews over some dissertation writing service that you had experienced so that I can choose one that suits my requirements. I think this thread will be helpful to everyone who is in search of dissertation writing service if all write their experience with such services. I would like to make this as a long discussion thread, hope everyone will share their reviews. Thank you so much in advance.

Please post the thread in the following format

Title: Your review on one or two words

Comment: Write your experience or opinion on the dissertation writing service.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Ali Easterby - 07-09-2014 06:48 PM

Do not ever use Ezdissertation review

I am one of the victims of this scam dissertation writing service. I must say they are real professional in cheating their client. I have shared this experience many times in several places. I had an emergency last year so I could not find time to research and write my business dissertation. I asked many for a dissertation writing service recommendation but nobody could help me. So I searched in the web and found many and I randomly choose one which was the biggest mistake that I committed in that case. I didn’t even look for the reviews or online suggestion like you did. I was desperate to assign the dissertation to someone to avoid the stress. I logged in to the site and placed the order by paying a big amount. The initial procedures were smooth and said they started working on the paper and I was so relaxed. Two days later I contacted them but their toll free number was not working and they didn’t have any live chat option too. I sent mail to them and never got a response from any. I tried many times to contact them and not response from them each time. It was the moment I realized that I was cheated. I waited for 24 more hours for the response. I kept on sending mail to them but they were ignoring it intentionally. I tried to file case against them but I was not aware of the formalities. They are real cheaters I lost my money and time because of them. I had posted this matter in all kind of social Medias. There are many fraud dissertation writing services like this, be careful when choosing one.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Toby Cecil - 07-09-2014 06:56 PM

Here is my review on

I live in London UK and I was in a situation that I could not complete my dissertation on time and I had no time to collect the resources for the paper too so I had no option than going for a dissertation writing service. I wanted to purchase the dissertation form a UK based service. So I searched a lot for that and ended up in I had no time to check whether they are reputed or not. I just had a conversation with their live chat customer support and found it is decent and I placed the order. For the first half an hour I didn’t get any notification from them and I thought that they cheated me. I tried to contact with the customer support via live chat but they are offline and after another 10 minutes I got the notification from them. I provided sufficient documents to support the paper. I asked them to connect me with the writer but they do not have that facility, I had to send email each time and wait for the writer’s mail. After 8 days I got my dissertation and it was not meeting my requirement and I had to revise it 4 times and finally the paper was nearly meeting my requirements however I did not want a perfect essay as I am not good in writing. I still have doubt about their exact location; they claim to be in UK. Anyway I was not cheated; I got some paper from them. So my wording is that is not fraud service but not the best though. If you are looking for a perfect paper then this will not be one that you looking for.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Nate FitzRoy - 07-11-2014 04:39 PM is good for average papers.

I used last year and I got the paper in time. The paper was on business management topic. I had given 25 days to complete the paper. The delivered the paper on 24th day and it had some problem to fix and I demanded a revision and they agreed to it. Revision took two days. The revised paper was not too good but it was enough for me. I am not good writer so submitting a perfect and high quality paper will get me in trouble. So I was pretty much satisfied with the paper and I got average score for that which is what I wanted. The service was not bad, they were responding to my queries though they take time. Time delay in responding is one big problem I found in their service. They do not have live chat or toll free calling number for the quick contact which was one worrying thing in their service. I really doubt whether they have well qualified writers in their writing panel because my topic was not too tough but they could not deliver a perfect paper but as I told you earlier it was enough for me. So overall my opinion on this service is that you can choose this service only if you want an average paper. Thanks.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Hugo Walder - 07-15-2014 04:37 PM

Essaysmaster is simply awesome dissertation writing service.

Dissertation is one big task that one student would face in his entire academic career. It is tough and it was tough indeed for me as well. I could not even find enough sources and materials for the paper. The topic was bit tough too; these lead me to choose a good dissertation writing service. I had gone through many dissertation writing services review to one that suits my requirements. One of my online friends suggested me and he was very sure about the service. So I ordered a dissertation and the deadline was 10 days. Their customer support service is good they were so helpful in describing every procedure and everything regarding their service policy. The ordering steps were so easy and smooth, there was an option to choose the type of the writer and there we have option choose whether we want US writer or UK writer. Another good thing about the service is that there is facility to have conversation with the writer. Writer and I had a long conversation regarding the topic. I requested for a draft of the entire paper and writer accepted it and delivered me it on the next day and it was too good. I got the completed paper on the 7th day which was well before the deadline. I found it excellent nothing was there to add additionally in the paper, writer crafted it beautifully. I could score more than I expected with the wonderful paper. It was a nice experience to work with the service. I had suggested this service for many of my friends all are happy with them. Hope this helps you too.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Flynn Turnbull - 07-15-2014 07:36 PM delivers the paper in time but quality is still a question. is just a normal dissertation writing service nothing much to praise nor blame. They are definitely not a scam service because they provide papers in time at least but quality is one big concern. I used this service last month for my graduation dissertation. My brother suggested this service. He used this service to purchase a speech for his high school class which was good one he got good appreciation from his teacher. So I didn’t go for second thought I placed the order and they were responding fast. Dissertation was on consumer psychology and I had given them 25 days to complete the paper. The materials and sources were provided to them. The pricing was too high for me and they were not satisfying discount for the big order. I have no other option than paying it. I contacted them after two days to know the status of my paper. They told me that it was going well then I demanded a rough draft on my paper to know the things they are going to include in my paper. But they refused my request saying that providing the draft is not in their policy, it required additional time and money to proceed. I left that thought. Then I was in a rush I could not contact them, I had football training camp for 10 days. On the 25th day they delivered me the paper. Paper had some grammatical errors and some junk content was also there. When I checked for the plagiarism there was some. I reported this to them and they revised it and delivered me after two days. I submitted the paper and I could not score high but was not too low either. I had to satisfy with that there was no time for further revision. So my opinion on this service is that they are not fraud or cheating service. They will deliver you the paper in time but the quality is still a questions.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Micheal - 07-19-2014 04:39 PM dissertation writing service is unpredictable

It is really tough to decide whether is good or not. I ordered twice with them. First was in the beginning of my graduation which was an essay on leadership. It was an urgent paper; I had to submit the paper in two days so I had to rush. The paper was good and I was pretty much satisfied with it. Paper contains three pages and it was not much complicated so they done it with ease. I got positive feedback from my teacher. I was really happy with the service. So I didn’t have any doubt for placing my second order with them. This time it was dissertation which was bit complicated needed too much research so I mailed them about the complexity and the heavy requirements about the paper. They mailed me back with accepting and claiming that they have professional to handle the paper effectively. I placed the order but they didn’t send the paper even after the deadline. They don’t have live chat system for the quick contact. I mailed them but there were no response from their side. I mailed them frequently and finally they replied me that they need 2 more days to complete the paper. I had no other option than agree to that. But there was nothing after two days. They gave me a paper on 5th day and but it was complete crack. I complained it but they never responded me. I lost my money for the waste paper. I don’t understand them. They are only capable of doing simple papers. Do not use this service.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Angela - 07-19-2014 04:44 PM has done well for me.

I only used the dissertation writing service once during my graduation. The topic was well over my ability so I had no other option than approaching a writing service. I didn’t have much time to search for a good dissertation writing service. So I had a minor search and chose I confirmed everything first through the live chat. Customer support service was pretty good they are so polite and answering patiently to all my stupid questions. I ordered the dissertation with 20 days deadline and provided all the supporting documents like university guideline and some references as well. Then for the next ten days there was no contact between me and them. On the 20th day I logged in to their site and but the paper was not there. I send message via mail and tried to contact through live chat but they were offline. This tensed me a lot and after 4 hours I got message that the writer require 24 more hours to complete the paper. That was big relief for me. I agreed but was little unhappy on not providing the paper on time and also for not responding timely. I got the paper after 24 hours and paper was good and pretty much satisfying. There were small correction and they revised it immediately. So overall the service is good, they are capable of providing good papers. But only thing I found bad is that their unavailability of live chat and delay in submitting the paper.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Sue - 07-21-2014 05:12 PM is comparatively good

This is third writing service I used in the entire academic days. The first two writing services I used were not up to the mark. The services are and They just filled the essay with some junk content. Essayjedi was too late to submit the paper and they had not given me the money back as pet the guarantees they told me in the beginning. For the dissertation I chose another writing service that is I wanted UK based writing service to do my paper. Dissertation was of 25 pages and the price they demanded was bit high in fact I have to lend money from my cousin to order the dissertation. I filled the form and paid the money with finger cross. I had given enough time to complete the paper. But I could not contact the writer to know the initial proceedings and the status of the paper. Then I got stuck in some emergency so I could not make an inquiry about the paper. On the 20th day I got the message from the customer support that my paper was uploaded. The paper was not bad they tried almost to meet my requirements but the literature review chapters was not so clean and well build. I told them about it and they requested additional time to fix it. The revised paper was also lagging something but I didn’t go for the second revision as I didn’t have much time for that. My overall review about the service is that is good when compared to other services I used but still little more to improve.

RE: Please post your best dissertation writing services reviews - Karen Brown - 07-24-2014 07:15 PM is a nice dissertation writing service

I don’t have any bad remarks on this service they had done well for me. I ordered the dissertation last year for my undergraduate course. The dissertation was on Comparing Educational Technology Politics in Developed Countries. I had collected some resources and materials for the paper and I had given to them. I had a long conversation with their live chat support agent and he was very patient to answer all my queries. After 20 days they delivered my paper and it was good but there was some minor revision and they provided the revised paper within two days. The paper was clean with the content and format. I really liked the paper. They are good service even though their price is bit high.