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Mention the arts subjects list - Sofia Fraser - 08-02-2017 03:17 PM

What is the arts subjects list and which subjects are compulsory and optional within the course. I have opted arts as my main stream for my degree and our classes start by next month. Since I am not interested with science subjects I have chosen this and could you please help me to get an idea about the arts course and about various subjects in this course so that I could plan for my career in a better way. Though I could find some arts subjects list like economics, humanities..etc but still doesn’t know about the important subjects, so please let me know about it.

RE: Mention the arts subjects list - Louise S wich - 08-02-2017 09:08 PM

I liked your decision to opt arts is your main stream. Now days all are opting engineering and medicine. There are so many opportunities waiting for you in the arts field. History, geography, political sciences are the compulsory arts subjects list. Along with it there are optional subject to choose. Sociology, economics, psychology are the optional subject list students can choose. Try to choose most interesting subject. Then only you can study it well. All the best for your future..

RE: Mention the arts subjects list - Elizabeth Murphy - 08-02-2017 09:30 PM

It is very good thing that you have selected the subject art as your degree course. This kind of subjects has a lots of job scopes. Today’s children have found interest in the engineering and medicinal courses. But look at the society there are a huge number of engineering graduates are there remaining as jobless. So now pupil likes to choose these kinds of variety subjects as their graduate program. I wishing you all the very best. The arts subjects list can be easily downloaded from the internet also.