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Manic depression symptoms - Crystal L. Bittle - 07-08-2017 03:19 PM

Can you please tell me about manic depression symptoms? One of my friends struggling with depression and we don’t know what kind of depression it is. We have gone through some journals, magazines and articles. But we didn’t get evidences or information to confirm that she is in the early stages of manic depression. If you guys have knowledge about this particular state of mind, so please share the details. She is not willing to consult a psychiatrist. This is the problem here. Finally we decided to ask someone else’s help who have knowledge about manic depression symptoms and treatment available for this particular disorder. Please help…

RE: Manic depression symptoms - Robert C. Stowers - 07-08-2017 03:43 PM

Manic depression is also called bipolar depression. It is commonly occurring in recent days. Sleeplessness for long days, feeling of emptiness, loss of interest, behavioral changes, low energy etc are the manic depression symptoms. It is a complex disorder and if your friend shows these symptoms, don’t waste time, consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Main reason for this type of depression is our life style. We all are hyper tensed about a silly manner. Build a cool mind to accept any risks in life. Give better advice for your friend to get back into normal life.

RE: Manic depression symptoms - Charlotte Robertson - 07-08-2017 04:05 PM

Recently I gone through an article and I read an article sharing details about this. The bipolar disease is formally known as the manic depression symptoms. It is a mood disorder and is a serious condition also. The severity of the mood may sometimes vary from extreme to mild and this can be happen within one week or one day. People who struggling with this disorder, may found difficulty in thinking and unable to take their personal decisions. The cause of this disorder is unknown for me.

RE: Manic depression symptoms - Way - 07-08-2017 05:04 PM

Manic depression is an affective disorder also known as mood disorder where in the mood variations could seen with the individual and manic depression symptoms vary from person to person and could be cured if proper treatment is given. However some of the symptoms are sleeplessness along with hallucinations and psychosis, there can also be chances of weight loss or weight gain. However depressions are drastic and could be even cause death because of the depressed moods but can be dealt with it if identified on right time