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What is essay writing? - Josh Goddard - 04-13-2017 03:38 PM

Hi friends. I hope that I can get solution from you guys. I want to know that what is essay writing? And how can we write a good essay. Very shame to say that I don’t know how to write essay. I have only attempted that in my school days. After that I haven’t participated in any essay competition even from my college. Now our nature club is going to conduct an essay writing competition next week. I have to participate in it. But I heard that good writing skill and knowledge is required for writing an essay. Unfortunately I don’t have good writing skill but if practiced and studied about the essay writing I am sure that I can write a good essay in competition. The topic of the essay be simple. So before that I want to know more about essay writing. So please help me to write a good essay.

RE: What is essay writing? - Ellie Lambert - 04-13-2017 03:59 PM

Hello josh you don’t worry essay writing is simple. There is no any shame in to tell don’t know what is essay writing; we need to clear all doubt even if it is very simple. In simply essay writing is the detailed description about a topic. It has three parts, first part is introduction part, here we give a short paragraph about your topic and significant of that topic, next is content writing it is here we explain each point in different paragraph. Last section is conclusion, it will be a summary of what we are explain about the topic. I think that you have a general topic in your essay competition, so you read a lot and make a good awareness. General essay writing is simple than academic essay writing.