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Science and Religion - Louise S wich - 04-13-2017 03:19 PM

Hi Friends, I want a help from you. Hope all are celebrating holidays with your dear one, but still I am struggling with my academic tasks. I am a final year graduate student and it is my last chance to perform well. I want to present a research paper in this final semester and it is becoming a headache for me. “Science and Religion” is the topic. It is a wide topic and there are many points to include. What are the relation between science and religion? Is religion is a science? Please explain more about it for my work. Hope you will reply fast.

RE: Science and Religion - Way - 04-13-2017 04:18 PM

Science and religion is the most related term where in the relationship between science and religion is been a subject of study. As we all know that science is based on evidences and experiments while religion focus on the faith and sacredness. You can get online help from expert professors who will be able to help you well with the situation. In public discussions it is seen that science and religion to be the evolution of creationism. Hope you could get more about your topic from the online experts who have been researching for years on this topic.

RE: Science and Religion - Donna G. Payne - 04-13-2017 04:27 PM

Of course, science and religion is a vast topic and you need to make a good comparison here to justify your points. As we know, there is a science behind all the minute things that have discussed in our holy books. So, we can use some real life examples to prove this. In this era of religious fanaticism, it is too difficult to stick on your point. You have to do a detailed research before you going to specify each point about religion.

RE: Science and Religion - Elizabeth Murphy - 04-13-2017 04:32 PM

I can understand your feelings. Because when I was a graduation student I also suffered a lot with my research paper work. One thing I would like to remember you that the score for this particular research paper work at the end of academic semester is a basic bench mark for the interviews. So try your level. You can search the points for the topic Science and Religion from the internet also there are books available in the library also. Refer them and make a rough outline and proceed to the actual work. All the best for your carrier.