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Animated TV Shows - Robert C. Stowers - 04-13-2017 03:17 PM

Hi Friends, Hope everyone are in the thrill of vacation. First of all wish good vacation days for all. Vacation days are the most happiness and colorful days in every one, especially for children. Children are free from the academic stress and it is the best time to spend with their dear one. I have two children and they are also in vacation trill. But I don’t have enough time for celebrating with my kids in this vacation and I think animated TV shows will help them to make their holidays more colorful. Cartoon shows are favorites for them and I wish to subscribe Disney XD. Do you have any idea about the animated TV shows broadcast by Disney XD? Please suggest the best one for my kids.

RE: Animated TV Shows - Jayden Storey - 04-13-2017 04:07 PM

Of course vacations are fun filled and most happy times we spend with our friends and neighbors. But the scorching heat of the sun outside are making and forcing us to sit inside the room but the Animated TV Shows make us fine with this heat outside and I usually watch Rick and Morty the animated adventure, Archer which is an action and comedy TV show, Family Guy, Imaginary Mary, The Simpsons, Samurai Jack and many more which is the all-time favorites of mine

RE: Animated TV Shows - Elizabeth Murphy - 04-13-2017 04:25 PM

Obviously vacation days are the most colorful part of the academic life. Animated TV Shows are a good option for make the children engaged. But continuous watching may cause to addiction. Give books such as short stories to them for reading during the interval period of the shows. Rick and Morty, Attack on Titan, Family Guy, Imaginary Mary, the Simpsons, Samurai Jack, Bob's Burgers, Star Wars Rebels, South Park, The Real Ghostbusters, American Dad!. These are some of the trending tv shows currently.

RE: Animated TV Shows - Edna A. Baran - 04-13-2017 04:26 PM

I have no idea about the Animated TV shows available in Disney XD. I think there are different varieties of cartoon programs in CNN. Tell your children to watch the different cartoons in CNN. I am sure these channels help them to celebrate these holidays and make their days more colorful and fill with full of fun and entertainment. Most of the parents prefer CNN and this channel promote kid’s programs that convey good social message. Watch it and enjoy it.