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Best art colleges - Lydia Johnston - 04-13-2017 02:59 PM

I am a final year arts degree student and as a part of the culture fest in our college we are supposed to present a documentary based on best art colleges. Not only the documentary. Actually I have no much time spend over this documentary since I am the coordinator of the program but being the final year student we wish to do something different, so I think this is the right place where you people can help me in my documentary on best art colleges and please let me to know where I will get the relevant source of information about various college

RE: Best art colleges - Amelia Cox - 04-13-2017 03:42 PM

Firstly I would like to congratulate you because you are selected as the project coordinator. It was appreciable thing. There are a number of art colleges. Out of them only a few numbers are best art colleges.I think your project work will be very useful for the students who are looking for art colleges for the graduation. To make your work different, participates the aluminates of such college in your documentary. Here are names of such college Alberta College of Art and Design, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Art Center College of Design etc.

RE: Best art colleges - Crystal L. Bittle - 04-13-2017 04:24 PM

So you decided to present a documentary as a part of your cultural program. That’s really a fabulous idea and it is an inspiration for all the best art colleges going to play a part in your documentary. They are really lucky to be a part of this and I am sure this documentary will help to know more about the different arts colleges in our country and outside the country. There are great numbers of students who are looking for information about arts colleges. You can include Pomona College, Davidson College in your documentary.

RE: Best art colleges - Paul D. Danley - 04-13-2017 04:25 PM

First of all I would like to appreciate you to decide to present a documentary based on best art colleges. It is a relevant idea because now days after secondary education most of the students are confusing about the courses and the colleges need to opt for higher education. Improper knowledge fails the future of most of the innocent students. There are so many arts colleges around us with different courses and Florida state university, School of visual arts; University of Texas etc are the top best art colleges in USA. Include more details about other colleges in your work. All the best for great success.