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What is research paper? - Robert Nelson - 03-14-2017 03:22 PM

Hi friends, I am first year graduate student. I am worried about my assignment work in this academic carrier. Some of my seniors said that we have to submit research paper, but I am not familiar with research paper, I don’t have any idea about research paper. I want to know what is research paper. And how to write it. If I can clear the difference between research paper writing and other writing it may help me to score good mark and good impression among teachers. I am afraid of my carrier I need to score good mark. Please help me to know about research paper and what are the contents include in it? Is research paper writing easy? Please give me answer and help me to understand about research paper. I was asked to my friends but they also have no idea about research paper. If you help me once I am always thankful to you.

RE: What is research paper? - Paul - 03-14-2017 04:10 PM

I am very pleasure to say you about your question what is research paper. Research paper is an academic paper prepared by a student based on actual research and published in academic journals. First of all you have to find a good research topic and work for that. The research paper should contain your topic, your findings and solutions to the problem. For writing a good research paper you must have excellent technical writing skill.