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Importance of Religion in Today’s world - Robert C. Stowers - 03-14-2017 03:08 PM

Hi Friends, You all know that last months of academic years are always busy time for all students. I am a final year arts students and I am also busy with the project, seminar and assignments. I need some help from you to complete my seminar paper. “Importance of religion in Today’s world” is my seminar topic and you all know the value of religion. It is a vast topic and there are several points to include. So please give some brief idea about my topic to include in my paper. I also confused about seminar paper structure.Would you please help me.

RE: Importance of Religion in Today’s world - Anthony Allen - 03-14-2017 03:34 PM

The importance of religion in today’s world is a good topic selection for your assignment work. For many people religion is seems to be an important part of life. The problem is that there a group of people who arguing that we cannot function properly without having the religion. This is the main root behind many social issues. Someone saying that religion provides a mental peace but I don’t know how much truth the statement is? Because there are a lot of religious war originated because of the unnecessary reasons.

RE: Importance of Religion in Today’s world - Sean Coates - 03-14-2017 04:04 PM

Importance of religion is great and huge that religion is the basis of many beliefs and myths. It is good that you take up this topic for your seminar and it may be really useful to many if you present the paper. So rather including about the beliefs and myths in the paper you can research about the origin and necessity of religion and emphasis people to believe in one single religion where all humans are equal. While you prepare your paper, bring out the aspects that will bring unity among people.

RE: Importance of Religion in Today’s world - Edna A. Baran - 03-14-2017 04:23 PM

Importance of religion – Religion is one of the important tools and we can use it in two different ways. First one is, follow the good things that the religion talks about and use it in right way. The second and the worse thing about religion is, use it for forming groups and fight with the people who belong to some other religion. You can include religious fanaticism in your paper and its impact on this society and how it affects our life etc.